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The last thing most of us want on a hot day is equally hot food on our plate. Many Mediterranean chefs, including our very own here at Mangia E Bevi Ristorante, have become pros when it comes to creating dishes that can help you stay cool during hot summer months. Here are a few on our menu that we especially love.


Insalata Lattuga E Formaggio Di Capra

This delicious salad brings together smooth butter lettuce, baked goat cheese and candied almonds, and is topped with a creamy cucumber dressing. Both the butter lettuce and the cucumber in the dressing are packed with water which can help you stay hydrated and cool.


Mixed Grilled Vegetables

Working as either a side or a main course, our delicious mix of fresh grilled vegetables is both tasty and packed with hydration. Grilling helps lock juices and flavour inside vegetables, so every bite is filled with nutrients and water that will help keep you cool—and healthy—on these warm summer days.


Tagliolini Frutti Di Mare

This seafood specialty is a delectable dish that may actually help keep your body temperature on the low side while your taste buds are soaring. Our Tagliolini Frutti Di Mare is a tagliolini pasta tossed with a sauce of Alaska black cod and red prawns, tomato, pepperoncino and extra virgin olive oil. Although it’s counterintuitive, spicy peppers are actually known to have a cooling effect on the body.


Cozze Salsa Curry

Although it’s served warm, this dish offers a few different ways to keep your body cool and refreshed. The Cozze Salsa Curry features steamed mussels in a spicy madras curry made with white wine and a cream sauce. The curry spices in this dish can work to cool you down in much the same way hot peppers can.


Spinach With Blue Cream Cheese

There are not many foods more hydrating than fresh greens. Spinach is not only packed with all of the same refreshing water content as lettuce, but it also boasts an array of extra health benefits that will have your body feeling better all around.


When the heat rises, head to our dining room at Mangia E Bevi Ristorante for hot weather-friendly fare.