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Providing both protein and carbs in a wrap that fits in the palm of your hand, tacos may very well be the perfect food. But if you’ve even eaten one, whether it’s made with a wheat tortilla, a soft corn tortilla or a hard shell, you know that it can be quite a messy experience. Here are a few tips for making your next taco meal an elegant occasion, whether the main filling is fried fish, beef or pastor (pork).


  1. Use the Correct Technique

Fold the already filled taco shell into a half-moon shape using your thumb, index finger and middle finger. If your taco is very full of ingredients or the shell is large in diameter, use your ring finger for added support.


  1. Eat Elegantly On-the-Go

If you happen to be eating tacos from a street vendor and you have a drink in your hand, you will need to use a special technique. Watch this video for an easy trick that lets you hold both the drink and your plate in one hand, while eating the taco with the other.


  1. Don’t Use Utensils

No matter how you choose to eat a taco, never use a fork and knife. This is thought to be quite the faux pas in Mexico.


  1. Double-Up on Taco Shells

If you’re in a situation where you’re building your own taco and you happen to be loading the toppings on, then don’t be shy about using two corn tortillas as the base. This will provide much-needed strength and support for your savoury taco fillings.


On that note; try not to go overboard with the taco condiments—you don’t want the sauces, diced onions and pickled vegetables masking the flavour of your main filling ingredients.


Excited to test these techniques out on your next taco? We’d love to host you at La Taqueria !