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Are you ready to spice up your love life? Exploring new culinary adventures can add romance to your relationship. Here is a list of five of the top date-night dishes served here at Swad Indian Kitchen.


Hariyali Paneer

Perfect for sharing, our Hariyali Paneer consists of tasty cubes of paneer marinated with fresh mint, coriander and herbs. Paneer is a cheese often included in Indian dishes. Our delicious Hariyali Paneer is made with a blend of herbs and coriander that give it a truly authentic Indian culinary experience.


Vegetable Jalfrazie

We source produce from local purveyors and use authentic Indian spices and herbs to season our dishes. Our Vegetable Jalfrazie, which is a North Indian, semi-dry side dish, is served with a light gravy to round out the bountiful flavours. Easy to share with another person, the true attraction of this dish is the natural flavour that comes through in every bite thanks to the fresh local produce.


Jeera Kebab

Trying a new dish is even more thrilling when you’re able to share the experience with someone special. On your next date night, order a couple of our delicious kebab dishes for easily shareable meats and vegetables. Our Jeera Kebab is a fine chicken kebab infused with fresh cumin and coriander which provide an aromatic and tasty dining experience.


Jahara Kebab

For even more interesting dining experiences, mix and match flavours and tastes. Our Jahara Kebab is a delectable minced lamb dish that combines refreshing yogurt, mace and Swad’s exclusive spice blends. Derived from the nutmeg seed, mace has a flavour similar to a pepper and cinnamon mix and provides a strong nutmeg aroma.


Gulab Jamun

Finish off your date night with a delicious Indian desert. Gulab Jamun is browned cake roundels in cardamom and rose water. We infuse our divine Gulab Jamun balls with honey syrup and serve them hot for the best taste experience. Using milk and flour, we create delicious round desert balls that are sweet with a very unique taste thanks to the cardamom and rose water mix.


We look forward to hosting you at Swad Indian Kitchen on your next date!