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1. Think about your personal style

Are you a trendsetter, or more conservative? Is your office smart, or casual? Your glasses are an extension of your day-to-day wardrobe and should reflect your personality and habits. So one of the most important things to consider is whether you’ll be comfortable going about your everyday life in your new specs.


2. Work out your skin tone

Just as with jewellery or makeup, your frames need to complement the undertones of your skin. “If you’re cool-toned (silver jewellery looks best on you), go for icy shades and jewel tones, and avoid anything with orange-y or amber hints. If you’re warm-toned (gold jewellery is your go-to), you’ll look great in olive, moss, or yellow-toned browns,” says Da Costa. Not sure? An eye test with Da Costa is also a personal styling session, so she’ll give you all the advice you need.


3. Consider your face shape

The wrong specs can make square jaws look heavier, and emphasize wide faces. And the reverse is true: A great pair of frames can make your face appear slimmer, or shorter.


4. See double

Mostly we think we need only one pair of specs. But if you’re into sports, you might want a different pair for fishing and the office. You might also want computer or gaming glasses. You might even want a few pairs, just for the fun of it – after all, you don’t carry the same bag or wear the same shoes every day. Speedy Specs offers a wide range of glasses, from affordable options at $195 including frames, lenses and coatings, to high-end specs from Korean and Canadian designer brands.